Hi Folks,

As a guitarist with ACCEPT, I've been hard on the road with the guys since 2014 and hopefully I will soon be doing mischief with my Metalbrothers on the stages of this world, again. In my capacity as a thoroughbred musician and composer, I have written a lot of songs over the past few years that are close to my heart, but could not be stylistically accommodated at ACCEPT.
In the Corona year 2020, I had the time to bury myself in my studio in order to nail a total of 15 songs on tape. From now on I will publish 3-5 songs online every three months and the video clip “The Battle” marks the beginning. With the video I present to you my band and reveal that Uwe is back and rockin`.
The next songs will follow soon. All songs will be online by August 2021, and with a lot of luck and the right vaccine, there will hopefully be live shows ... and we will definitely be “ready to go”.
If there are calls for records in form of CDs or vinyl in the end of 2021, I’ll splash out... more information to come.

The band
I ran into three remarkable musicians whom I brought with me into the team:

Erdmann Görg - vocals
Cord Kunze - bass
Katharina Kunnert (Knattadrum) - drums

That's the core line-up of the project, but every now and then, guest musicians will join in to create really great music.

By all means, I wish you a lot of fun with my music and videos.

Rocking regards
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